Enjoy fellowship with other people with similar interests, establish contacts in the German-American community, and have the opportunity to learn about German-American history.

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Presenter and Author:  Edna Thayer

This is the personal story of Lydia Ross from Neuötting, Germany (en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki.Neuötting), who survived World War II in her hometown and country to travel with her young son aboard a American troop ship in 1949.  Joining her husband in America, Lydia struggles to overcome the challenges of life in a new country making a home in Elysian, Minnesota.


September 6th GAFA is returning from it’s summer break with Keynote Speaker Margie Deutsch with her presentation of her travels and experiences in Oberammergau where every 10 years this town of 5,000 puts on their famous Passion Play since 1634.  Her presentation will include photos and a Power Point presentation.  See you at 8PM!

June 7th, 2014 “THE CITY in FLAMES”

A Child’s Recollection of World War II in Würzburg, German.

Join us with Elisabeth von Berrinberg.  From the moment German ignites World War II, life changed radically for young Elisabeth, her family and other residents of Würzburg.  When a fire-bombing near the war’s end destroys most of the city, earlier hardships turn into a desperate struggle of survival as the family takes shelter in a cabin outside of town.